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Do I have to have a resale certificate in order to place an order?

Yes-to place a wholesale order, you must be a retailer with a sales tax certificate/resale certificate.

What is your Minimum Wholesale Order?

Initial minimum order is $250
Subsequent Orders are: $100

How can I place an order?

1. You can order on this site online 24/7. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your order processed. It also allows you to see which items are currently on clearance.
2. You can email us at:
3. You can call us at: 817.756.1766

What is the Wholesale Password:


Did your Quantities per Pack Change?

As of June 1, 2019 we updated our product offerings based on what people were ordering. You will notice some slight changes in quantity per item ordered. The price per item did not change so it doesn’t affect your profit margins just the quantity shipped.

Can I order less of any items?

Our warehouse has everything set to ship a certain amount per pack. We can’t break the packs down to ship a lesser amount.

How do your retailers wrap your naked bath bombs?

Most of our locations sell our bath bombs 4 for $20 and place in the white bakery box that we also sell. If they sell single units, they either wrap in tissue paper or a small retail bag.

Can I purchase your display?

Yes, all of our starter sets come with or without the display and we also offer replacement acrylic crocks. Signage comes with each starter set or you can purchase separately.