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Home Products 4 Color Glitter Starter Set (no display)

4 Color Glitter Starter Set (no display)

Face & Body Glitter Fun! Our Body Glitter is cosmetic grade glitter and is safe for the face and body. It's biodegradable and Made in the USA! Choose from our glamorous glitter colors, then select a glitter pod, wand and bedazzle with a gem.

Starter Set includes 4 Bottles of Face & Body Glitter (Choose from Gold and Glamorous, Sparkling Silver, Party Me Pink, Radiant in Red, Basking in Blue, Dazzle Me Violet, Princess-It-Pink!, and Glimmer Me Green), 100 glitter pods, 100 wands, 5 pages of Gems, Color Labels and POP signage. Acrylic base, jars & backer sold separately and not included in Starter Set price. Click here to purchase the starter set with display.